Tamega - not only the name of our shop, but also a place in Portugal 

Both in Spain and in Portugal, traditional public buildings, walls and wells are often covered with decorative tiles and murals. This building culture was also brought to Mexico by emigrants and colonists.
One of my journeys took me to Northern Portugal to the Tamega valley and to the hillside village of Mondim de Basto. The old railways lines there have many pretty stations, many of them covered with tiles (see photo above).
I can really recommend tours on the narrow-gauge railways in the North of Portugal. Unfortunately many of the old lines in this beautiful hilly countryside have been closed down or are being closed down. But the lovely old station buildings are still there, hopefully for a long time. Wouldn't it be good if the building in the photo could be restored and put to use again instead of staying empty ?

Tamega-Shop  -  About us

Tamega_Kraemer.jpgFor our entire ceramic range in the Tamega Shop we pay a lot of attention to high quality and an unusual selection of patterns. Nicola Krämer, the owner of the company, is a landscape architect (building industry) and places particular importance on design, colours and shape (photo on the left: Mrs Kramer in Queluz Palace Gardens, near Sintra, Portugal).
As trends evolve, it's fairly easy to change your wallpaper or wall plaster relief. In contrast, tiles can be an investment for the lifetime of your building or apartment. We want you to enjoy our tiles over many years and have put together a unique range which is hard to find elsewhere. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need some help with choosing the right colour and size.
Delivery times
Our customers often ask us about our delivery times. Please note the following:
We get tiles from Mexico about four times a year via ship container directly from Mexico. If you just ordered sample tiles and think you may want larger quantities soon, please let us know as soon as possible so we can put them aside for your building project. Then we can ship them promptly from our warehouse, which usually has a good stock level anyway.
We normally get tiles from Spain and Portugal at least once a month from the tile factory by truck. For all of the tiles in our web shop, we have sample quantities in stock which can be shipped directly after receiving your order. In addition, we generally have much larger stock levels from the most popular series. Very large quantities of tiles from Spain and Portugal can normally be supplied within about four weeks by truck provided that there are not too many Spanish or Portuguese public holidays during that period.
Collecting tiles yourself - our opening times
Although we are typically in the office most weekdays, we do not have fixed opening times. You can visit us from Monday to Friday during the day or early evening, but please arrange the time with us in advance. You can see sample quantities of all tiles, lay them out and try different colour combinations. You can also buy them immediately provided that the required quantity is in stock.