Tile catalogue

Mexican tiles:
  • Classic-colonial 10 x 10 cm and single-colour tiles 10 x 10 cm, PDF file
  • Classic-colonial 5 x 5 cm and single-colour tiles 5 x 5 cm, PDF file
  • Border tiles 10 x 10 cm, PDF file
Portuguese tiles:
  • Patterned and border tiles, PDF-Datei
  • Single-colour tiles series "Urban Atelier" 10 x 10 cm, PDF-Datei
Spanish tiles:
  • Border tiles, handpainted, 15 or 20 cm wide, PDF-Datei
  • Single-colour tile series Arabesque, 16 x 12 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Single-colour tile series Metro, 7,5 x 15 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Single-colour tile series Stars and crosses, 10 x 14 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Single-colour tile series Castellon with Decortiles Shibora,
    13 x 13 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Single-colour antique-style tiles with motif tiles, 15 x 15 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Alhambra series 15x15, PDF-Datei
  • Granada series 20 x 20 cm (bird motives), PDF-Datei
  • Livorno series 20 x 20 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Legno series (wood style), 10 x 20 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Single-colour matt tiles 20 x 20 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Zocalo series 14 x 28 cm (Aixa, Aral, Jazmin, Jazmin Azul, Mijas, Nerja, Petunia) and 20 x 20 cm (Ibiza, Lora), PDF-Datei
  • Catania series 15 x 30 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Mediterraneo series, 20 x 20 cm, PDF-Datei
  • Floor tiles 20 x 20, Victorian, Barro and New Origins series, PDF-Datei
  • Floor tiles 20 x 20, Campina series, PDF-Datei

Murals from Mexico, Portugal and Tunisia:

  • In most cases, a PDF file is available for download on the respective product description page.
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Tip: Some tiles are designed to make patterns consisting of 4 tiles or for use as borders. Use our Online Tile Designer (navigation button on the left) to get an idea of the possibe patterns with groups of tiles or the effect of borders.
For technical reasons (colour calibration), we cannot fully avoid differences between the colours you see on the screen and on printouts and on the real tiles. Tip: You can order sample quatities of tiles in our web shop at a favourable price so you can see for yourself the colours and quality of our tiles.