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    Our classical designs, manufactured in Mexico, look very similar to Spanish tiles or Portuguese tiles. This is not surprising since the tradition started out just there. The art of making tiles like this originated from Talavera de la Reina in Spain. Dominican monks brought ceramic objects, tiles and pottery from there to Mexico around 1550 to decorate the churches and cloisters in Central America with hand-painted tiles, just like back home in Europe. This resulted in a symbiosis of Spanish, Moorish and American Indian colours and patterns. This is why the patterns are also called classic-colonial or Talavera ceramics, but the term Azulejos is also often used to describe them, just like with Spanish tiles and Portuguese tiles.
All tiles are made, painted and glazed by hand. Accordingly, you may find small deviations in size, shape, pattern or colour or a slight irregularity in the glaze in some cases.
Important note: Some of the single-colour tiles or tiles with Mexican White colour in the background (e.g. "Bouquet") may have the so-called crackelee effect. This is visible as very fine cracks within or below the glaze, and results from the simple, traditional handcrafted production in Mexico. This gives the tiles their patina and leads to the special character of these tiles. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
The hand-made tiles are suitable for covering entire walls, as borders or spots of colour among other tiles. Please note: The tiles are only for use indoors, they are not guaranteed frost-proof.

The tiles can be used e.g. in the bathroom (the wall behind the sink is covered with border tiles) and also to make colourful working surfaces and table tops (photo below),


They can also be used as spots of colour among terracotta floor tiles. The photo below shows our 5x5 cm tiles, both single-colour and with classic-colonial pattern:


We would like to thank our customers for some of the photos shown on this page.


Note about the colour "Mexican White"
If you want to use our tiles are borders or random spots of colour together with pure white industrial tiles from the building centre, please note that the white in Mexican White, both as a single-colour tile and as a white background in some of the patterned tiles is not a pure white but is slightly cream due to the underlying ceramic. Accordingly, tiles from our range which have a large amount of white around the edge of the pattern should probably not be laid directly adjacent to industrial tiles.
All of our patterned tiles are suitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen. They can also be used for mosaics.