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Victorian series

Victorian series

Floor and wall tiles 20 x 20 cm
Our new Victorian series with the pastel colors and classic designs reminds us of former times. Various designs are available. For each design we stock border tiles (Cenefa), corner tiles (Esquina) and tiles for the central pattern (Centro).
In addition, we have single colour tiles which match the respective designs and also skirting tiles.
We suggest you try our Online Tile Designer to create your personal design from the patterns and colours in this series. We can also help you when you are trying to choose the ideal colours to match your furnishings.
The Victorian series has the appearance of cement tiles, but the base material is red clay and not cement. So they are quite a bit thinner than cement tiles. And the surface sealing treatment which is typically necessary for cement tiles is not required.
They are classified as floor tiles, but there is nothing to stop you putting them on the wall, instead. They are also suitable for underfloor heating.
Tile thickness approx. 9 mm, size 20 x 20 cm. Manufacturer: Mainzu, Spain.
Our full range of these tiles is shown below and also available for download in pdf format. for viewing or printing. After choosing a particular tile, please check in the product list below to make sure that it is in stock.