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Murals are an absolute eye-catcher for the walls in your house. 
The themes and styles differ a lot from country to country. With the exception of the spanish Livorno Sonata series, all of the murals are hand-painted.
Our murals consist of individual  tiles which you need to attach to the wall with tile cement, just as with the other tiles (they are not supplied mounted on a panel).
This page gives you an idea of the typical designs which are available in each of the four countries which we stock. For each of the countries, we have many more designs in stock than is shown on this page.
With the Mexican murals, each of the tiles ("blanks") are hand-made. In other words, as usual in Mexico, they can vary slightly in shape or size. The effect is somewhat rustical.
Colourful birds or splendid bowls with fruit and vegetables or a scene from the village square are typical images.
The Mexican murals are often combined with our single-colour Mexican White tiles which are cream white in colour.
Mexican White it is also the typical background colour in the murals (with the exception of the figurative images such as village squares).
The size of each tile is approx. 10.5 x 10.5 cm. Tile thickness is approx. 8 mm.
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Our Portuguese murals, also called Albarradas, are based on traditional Portuguese designs.
You can find similar motives in Portugal in palaces or museums and also in villas, the Quintas. Whole facades of public buildings such as train stations and town halls can be richly ornamented.
Many murals are framed by borders which are decorated with the acanthus leaf, for example in the blue-white mural on the left: "Vase and Birds". For a magnificent effect you can use similar border tiles in another part of the same room, e.g. our "Conde" border tiles. 
Landscapes and kitchen design there are also available.
The format feature the tiles is 14x14 cm, so you can combine the murals with other tiles from our Portugal range, above all the cream-white tile in 14x14.
Tile thickness is approx. 7 mm.
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We have a couple of very different mural designs which match some of our Spanish series: the splendid mural "Sonata" (Livorno series) shows luxurious tropical plants and birds (picture on the left). The overall size is 120 x 120 cm. It is particularly good for covering large walls (e.g. in the gastronomy) because it is suitable for endless laying - you can join it to another identical mural on any of the four sides.
The hand-painted mural "Vase and Ornaments" (the figure shows three sections together) comes from the Spanish Zocalo tradition. The overall height is approx. 125 cm. The format of each of the tiles is 20x20 cm. This mural combines well with plain white Spanish tiles with the size 20x20 cm.
Some of our Tunisian murals are door designs where each tile carries a "picture in picture" of a colourful door. We also have murals with stylized oriental representations e.g. of bowls, fountains or bouquets of flowers. They remind you slightly of an oriental carpet.
The tile blanks are produced by a machine and then they are hand-painted.
We have small murals consisting of 6 tiles (overall size:  30x45 cm) and very large murals consisting of 50 tiles (overall size: 75x150 cm)
Tile thickness is approx. 6 mm.
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