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Single colour tiles

Single colour tiles

We have a wide range of single colour tiles and each of them has their own individual character. This page gives you an overview of each series and allows you to compare the features and choose according to your taste and room decoration style. In the photos below, we only show a few the colours by way of example. As with all of our tiles, the minimum order quantity is just one tile per colour.
A lot more colours are available in some of the categories than shown on this page, above all the Mexican 10x10 series, Urban Ateler and Castellon.
Mexican single colour tiles 10x10
Mexican tiles approx. 10x10 cm:
Due to the traditional production methods, our Mexican tiles have a typical, rustical style. You may find that one or two tiles deviate slightly from the typical size or glaze, after all they are completely handmade. The more than 20 colours are ideal for e.g. country-house style furnishings. Combined with our Mexican patterned tiles you can design gorgeously colourful patterns on your walls. Note: the Mexican tiles are typically about 10.5 x 10.5 cm in size. Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
Portuguese tiles Urban Atelier 10x10
Urban Atelier 10x10 cm:
Our "Urban Atelier" series from Portugal is very modern and noble with more than 20 colours. The hue of some tiles is quite striking whereas other tiles in this series have pastel colors. These very high quality tiles have a special sheen and are highly recommended for a timeless but modern furnishing style, not only in the kitchen and bathroom.
Tile thickness approx. 10 mm.
spanische Fliesen Arabesque
Arabesque 12x16 cm:
The "Arabesque" series is characterized by the special "cut out" shape of the tiles, which are traditionally laid vertically (horizontally is also possible). The classical shape is also called "Florentine". They have a rustical design, small irregularities are intentional and give these tiles their nostalgic flair.
Maximum width: approx. 12 cm, maximum height: approx. 16 cm.
Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
Spanische Fliesen Metroform
Metro 7,5x15 cm:
The "Metro" series is characterized by the rectangualr "brick style" shape. This tile series from Spain is available in a variety of pastel shades. The size is 7.5 x 15 cm in size and the finish has a handmade appearance. The tile bodies are made in the traditional way, so the tile edges are slightly irregular and "soft".
Tile thickness approx. 10 mm.
Verona 10x20 cm:
The "Verona" series with its rectangular shape is particularly suitable for laying with an interlocking pattern (brick style). The colours have a natural look and the washed glaze style looks a bit like marble.
Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
Castellon 13x13 cm:
Rustical tiles with high quality workmanship: "Castellon", a very attractive series from Spain with format 13x13 cm and a handmade character. The tile edges are a bit irregular and "soft". Nice colour spectrum: Matching colour combinations from white through beige to muted greens and also stronger colours, sometimes with crackelee effect.
Tile thickness approx. 10 mm.
Antique series 15x15
Antique style 15x15 cm:
The washed glaze and slightly irregular, "rustical" surface of these tiles is the reason for the name "Antique style". You can combine the 10 single colour tiles with Frisian patterns and flower and ship drawings from the same series. Matching single colour trim and cap tiles are also available for this low cost tile series.
Tile thickness is about 8 mm.
Fliesenserie Catania aus Spanien
Catania 15x30 cm:
What is special about the "Catania" series is not only the size, 15 x 30 cm, but the washed "earthy" colours. The single colour tiles remind you of Tadelakt plaster (Tadelakt is an antique Moroccan lime plaster with attractive glossy look). This series also includes patterned tiles in moorish style, which match ideally with the single colour tiles.
Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
Esenzia 15x30 cm:
The "Esenzia" series also has the format 15x30, just like Catania. What is special about the Esenzia seris is the vintage style. In addition to 6 subdued colours in washed effect there are also several matching patterned tiles.
Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
Livorno 20x20 cm:
The "Livorno" series has a nostalgic appearance, earthy colours with an irregular appearance, a couple of patterned tiles and a wonderful mural. The surface of the tiles is slightly wavy and the glaze is glossy.
Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
Chroma Mate series 20x20
Chroma Mate 20x20 cm:
The unpretentious Spanish series "Chroma Mate" is available in about 10 pastel colours. The matt glaze (=Mate) of these wall tiles leads to a subtle appearance which nonetheless lets you play with many colour combinations.
Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
Victorian series 20x20
Victorian 20x20 cm:
The spanish "Victorian" series with the format 20 x 20 includes five single colour tiles and is suitable for both floors and walls.
You can combine them with various ornamental patterns from the same series to give an appearance similar to traditional cement tiles. The surface sealing treatment which is typically necessary for cement tiles is not required.
Tile thickness approx. 10 mm.
Stars and Crosses:
The "Stars and Crosses" series in Moorish tradition have quite unusual shapes.  The stars and crosses are designed to interlock with each other. You can also make many different colour combinations. The stars are approx. 14 cm wide and the crosses are approx. 10 cm wide.
Tile thickness approx. 16 mm.