6 wall tiles Chroma Mate (Spain), second choice, package price

6 wall tiles Chroma Mate (Spain), second choice, package price

Second quality: 6 single coloured tiles, each 20x20 cm, special offer. Design your mosaics creatively and save money.
Spanische Wandfliesen Chroma Mate
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Unit price 11,50 EUR
47,84 pro qm
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Unfortunately, sometimes some of our beautiful tiles arrive from the factory with slight damage, e.g. small blemishes in the glazing, usually at the edges of the tiles. These very small flaws are often invisible after finishing the grouting work. We also sell tiles with small colour deviations if they don’t match the new production batch.

You can buy these second quality tiles on this webpage at a very favourable price.

The photo is just an example of how we bundle these seconds as packages. Other colour combinations are possible. The package may even contain more than one tile of the same colour.

If we have enough seconds in stock, we are happy to try and meet your special wishes too, please let us know when you place your order. E.g. "mainly blue" or "Orange-yellow-beige" or similar can help us.

Tile thickness approx. 8 mm.
One square meter is 25 tiles.

Delivery time approx. 3-8 working days.