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Portuguese tiles

Portuguese tiles

Some of you will already know the traditional Portuguese tiles from your holidays to Porto, Lisbon or one of the numerous attractive small towns around Portugal. Azulejos, the blue-white tiles, are traditionally used to decorate entire facades of buildings such as train stations or town halls.
Click here to download our "Short History of Tiles in Portugal" (8 pages, PDF).
Our range of Portuguese tiles includes border tiles and corner tiles and white or decorative tiles in matching colours and sizes. We also have murals with a wide range of different designs. We stock the following caregories of Portuguese tiles:
Portugiesische Wandfliesen
Fliesenbilder aus Portugal
All of our Portuguese tiles can be easily combined due to the standard width of 14 cm. You can combine border tiles, decorative tiles and single-colour tiles in many ways to designs covering large surfaces. We suggest you use our Online tile designer to create your personal design from the many border tiles and patterns.
Fliesen aus Portugal
Example: The decorative tile  "Porto 14 x 14"  (see above) matches the border tile "Porto".