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Floor tiles

Floor tiles

Within our range of floor tiles you can find tiles of difference sizes, shapes and surface finish, and various different designs - traditional modern plane or rustic. All of the tiles are specified as floor tiles and do not need any surface treatment. They are also suitable for laying together with underfloor heating. Of course you could also put them on the wall if you want.
Some of the tiles are only available as boxes of 0.5 or 1 sqm and with other tiles the minimum order quantity is one tile. You can find information on ordering quantities on this page and also by the description of the tile series and each of the tiles.
Alboran 15x15 cm:
In addition to the to the patchwork patterns from the "Alboran" series, we also sell single tiles from the same series in black or white. The appearance of these modern times is similar to cement tiles but the base material is porcelain stoneware and the surface is matt.
Tile thickness approx. 8 mm
Minimum order of the single colour tiles is one tile, the patchwork tiles are sold in boxes of 1 sqm (44 tiles).
Cementum 15x15 cm:
Traditional and modern: our "Cementum" series. Classical, graphical tone-in-tone design and six earthy single colour tiles allow numerous harmonious combinations.
High-quality porcelain stoneware which slightly wavy, matt surface.
Tile thickness approx. 9 mm.
Packing unit (minimum order) is 0.5 sqm (22 tiles).
Aterra 15x30 cm:
We have chosen two colours from the "Aterra" series with its sandstone-like appearance - Crema and Original. The surface is slightly irregular and has a slight structure similar to very old bricks. The base material is red clay.
Tile thickness approx. 9 mm.
Packing unit (minimum order) is 1 sqm (25 tiles).
Barro 20x20 cm:
"Barro" series in terracotta style with three mottled colours. In addition several patterned tiles with the basic colour Barro Crema give you attractive combinations in villa style.
Tile thickness approx. 10 mm.
Minimum order of this series is one tile.
Campina 20x20 cm:
Pastoral colours and classical patterns from olden times, rustic and well made. The edges are slightly irregular and appear to be "soft". Our view of the "Campina" series from Spain: Hats off to a very successful vintage style.
The base material is red clay. The surface is slightly wavy.
Tile thickness approx. 11 mm.
Minimum order of this series is one tile.
Esenzia Padua Patchwork 20x20 cm:
Attractive vintage style patchwork in pastel colours. The "Esenzia Padua Patchwork" series reminds you a bit of old weaving patterns or carpet designs.
A single coloured tile in this series with a sandstone base colour allows you to play with the patterns.
Tile thickness approx. 10 mm.
Packing unit (minimum order) is 1 sqm (25 tiles).
Victorian 20x20 cm:
The design of our "Victorian" series with their strong colours reminds you of cement tiles, but these tiles are more "modern" and less rustic than our Campina series. The series includes various patterns with matching border and corner tiles. This is rounded off with single coloured tiles and skirting tiles with matching colours.
Tile thickness approx. 10 mm.
Minimum order of this series is one tile.